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CHaOS take our wide range of hands-on science experiments to a variety of venues around the country, with our enthusiastic student demonstrators explaining what each experiment shows and why it's interesting! We could not run our exciting hands-on science events without financial support from our sponsors. We are currently seeking new sponsors for both "Crash, Bang, Squelch" and our Summer Roadshow; if you think you might like to support CHaOS, please read on or get in touch with us using our Contact page!

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We are grateful to the following organisations for their generous sponsorship of some of our recent and upcoming events:

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CHaOS is fun, exciting and cost-effective science outreach

The way in which CHaOS is run, by a team of student volunteers from the University of Cambridge, seeks to minimise our costs. Our volunteers generously give up large amounts of their summer vacation to enthuse and educate hundreds of children and their parents about science.

We re-use our experiments at many events, and have constructed a large number of them ourselves! During our summer roadshows, our demonstrators keep overheads to a minimum by camping, and although we cover food and travel expenses for volunteers, we try to keep these costs as low as possible for example by cooking for ourselves at campsites. The CHaOS roadshow costs around 3 pounds per visitor to run, which is much lower than static science museums (and we reach far more areas of the country in the process!).

What happens to sponsorship money?

CHaOS events are provided at below cost price to schools, and our public events are free (with the exception of events hosted as part of festivals or shows who charge for entry). Money received from our sponsors therefore goes directly to subsidising our events for our visitors.

An approximate breakdown of our costs for a four-week summer roadshow involving around 40 volunteer demonstrators is as follows:

Packed vans
  • Vehicle hire and use (includes a van, an MPV and a car): £3000
  • Venue hire (e.g. booking town halls or community centres): £2000
  • Food for demonstrators: £2000
  • Experiment construction materials (to repair old experiments or build new ones): £1500
  • Camping: £1000
  • Demonstrators travel to and from the roadshow, within the UK: £1000
  • Publicity for our events (includes printing posters and flyers): £500
  • Consumables for experiments: £500
  • Other expenses (e.g. setting up/cleaning up, administration materials): £500

This gives an annual cost of around £12,000 to run the CHaOS summer roadshow.

CHaOS is a registered student society of the University of Cambridge, and our accounts are reviewed annually by the university. All of our experiments are thoroughly risk assessed, with the risk assessments being checked annually by the University of Cambridge safety office. Our activities are fully insured, under the University's public liability insurance.

CHaOS has a proven track record of success

On our 2015 Summer Roadshow, more than 5000 people in family groups visited our public events alone. Of those surveyed, 100% said they would come to another CHaOS event if given the opportunity, with more than 75% staying for over half an hour - particularly impressive given that most of our visitors considered themselves from a non-scientific background, and only visited museums once a year or never at all.

CHaOS event

This continues our run of positive feedback since the Roadshow's inception. Since 2009, every year, over 90% of those surveyed felt they had learnt something from our events, and consistently over 60% of visitors rating our events as 'fantastic', with over 95% having an overall positive experience.

CHaOS gain publicity for our sponsors

As part of the advertisement of our summer roadshow, CHaOS produces colour posters and flyers for our events. These are distributed through schools, libraries, information centres etc. and each leaflet has all of our sponsors logos displayed on it. Additionally, at our events, we display an information board about CHaOS which also lists our sponsors logos. Our tour report, produced after each tour and available on our website (see the Roadshow page) also contains the logos of our sponsors.

CHaOS have been sponsored by a variety of organisations

In recent years, CHaOS events have been generously funded by organisations including:
  • ARM
  • Arthur D Little
  • AstraZeneca
  • The Biochemical Society
  • The Cambridge Communities Fund
  • Cambridge RAG
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • The Institute of Physics
  • The Isaac Newton Trust
  • The Medical Research Council (MRC)
  • Microsoft Research
  • Pfizer
  • The Physiological Society
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry
  • The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
  • The University of Cambridge Active Communities Fund
  • The University of Cambridge Societies Syndicate
  • Wesleyan Medical Sickness
  • The Wellcome Trust
If you have any questions about sponsoring CHaOS, please get in touch using our contact form.