If you've got any questions about CHaOS, please do get in contact with us. We're particularly keen to hear from:
  • Anyone thinking of attending a CHaOS event who would like more information about it.
  • Schools who might be interested in hosting a CHaOS visit.
  • Community centres etc who would like the CHaOS Roadshow to visit their town.
  • Organisations/individuals interested in sponsoring CHaOS.
  • Media organisations
  • Visitors to our events who would like to tell us what they thought.
  • Cambridge students who would like to volunteer to help out at CHaOS events.

More information for schools:
  • If you're looking to book a school visit you might like to look at our schools section here
  • Once you're sure you'd like a visit it's easier for us to track if you use our visit request form here
More information for volunteers:
  • can be found in our volunteers section here

The CHaOS Team, Summer Roadshow
(Week 2, 2009)

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