Public Venues

Public Events

Hosting one of our public events gives local families a great chance to get involved in our fun, hands-on activities.

Our experiments are enjoyed  by children of all ages, and often adults too!

We have successfully run events in libraries, town halls, village fairs, markets, museums and more.

Events not in or near Cambridgeshire can generally only be visited in July and August, as part of our summer roadshow. Local events run throughout the year.

We strongly prefer for our events to be free for visitors.

A CHaOS demonstrator at work
A beach ball floating on an air stream

What Does a CHaOS Visit Involve?

We set up around 10 independent experiments, each demonstrated by an enthusiastic volunteer from the University of Cambridge. We can adapt explanations to different ages, but our core audience is children from 8 to 13 years old. We are normally open for 4-5 hours, and require an hour and a half before the event to set up. Nearby parking is also essential for unloading.

Venue Requirements

To host us you need to be able to accommodate around 10 tabletop experiments, with room for visitors at each. It’s also very helpful to provide tables, and nearby electricity. We need indoor or covered space in case it rains, but some outside space is great for our larger or messier experiments. We prefer venues in busy locations where we can attract passing families with some of our portable experiments, and we really appreciate any local advertising you can do. It’s only worth travelling to an area on our summer roadshow if we have several venues or schools lined up – this means we can’t visit everyone that contacts us through the year. However, we’re always to happy to add to our venues database to be considered in the future.

Scout and Guide Camps

We regularly run week long events at jamborees, please get in touch if you’re interested in having us.