As a scientist you can spot cool science in the world all around you every day!

Here we are collecting our Experiment Files on how to do some of our easier demonstrations for yourself at home or in the classroom. You can also find our latest YouTube videos where you can see how to do some simple experiments, learn about things such as dinosaurs, aliens or the Earth in archive talks from Crash, Bang, Squelch!, or meet our friendly demonstrators to find out what inspires us.

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Experiment Files

Experiment Files

Our experiment files are a great way to have a go at science investigations or challenges (all inspired by our favourite CHaOS demonstrations) using things you can find around your home! Click on the images below to have a go:

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage

Break out your detective skills and investigate whether common household items are acids or bases using a natural indicator.

Cleaning Coppers

Learn how to make your old coins shiny with things you have in your kitchen.

celery in different coloured water

Coloured Celery

Learn how to turn celery into a multitude of different colours!


Is a solid? Is it a liquid? Make some cornflour gloop and find out with this messy experiment.

Hearing High Sounds

Have you ever wondered why some people can't hear high noises? Try this experiment to find out why!

Mini Explosions

Find out how to make a bang with some common kitchen ingredients!

Oil and Pyrex

Discover how to make ordinary glass objects disappear using just a bath of oil. This experiment is spectacular and very messy!

Sunset Model

Have you ever wondered what makes the sky blue? Or why it stops being blue at sunset? Try this experiment to find out why!

CHaOS on Camera

Crash, Bang, Squelch! Talks

Experiment video

Meet our demonstrators

Picture of CHaOS Demonstrator alongside a plastic skeleton

Meet Andy!

Meet Andy and find out how he got interested in science, what his most memorable CHaOS experiment is, and what his favourite facts about the human body are!

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