About CHaOS

Who are CHaOS?

CHaOS are Cambridge Hands-On Science, a voluntary student group based in Cambridge. We believe that science is fun, and relevant to everyone! CHaOS take our wide range of hands-on science experiments to a variety of venues around the country, with our enthusiastic student demonstrators explaining what each experiment shows and why it's interesting!

What are your experiments?

Our experiments cover topics ranging from the physics of light and sound, to various aspects of chemistry (including how water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity!) and the biology of the human body! Many of our experiments have been built by members of CHaOS, and we're constantly trying out new experiment ideas.

What events do you run?

Our biggest event of the year is called "Crash, Bang, Squelch!". This happens in Cambridge during National Science Week (around mid-March) each year, and has been running for more than a decade. For more information about this year's event, please see the CBS! page on this website.

During the university summer vacation we take around 50-60 of our experiments and a team of our student demonstrators (often seen wearing bright blue t-shirts!) on a roadshow to schools (where our target age range is years 5-8) and public venues such as town halls, community centres and festivals.

The CHaOS science roadshow takes place over 4 to 5 weeks in July and August and we've been to places from Devon to Kent, Manchester to and Glasgow! We particularly like going to places where there's far less provision of science events than is available in Cambridge. For more information about our previous Summer Science Roadshows, please see the links to our roadshow reports.

CHaOS also run other events, mainly close to Cambridge, during the rest of the year. These events have included visits to local schools just after the university term finishes in December. If you have a venue you'd like us to visit, either during our Summer Roadshow, or at another time of year please do get in touch as we're always happy to hear from you (please note that we're unable to do any more events during National Science Week).