Summer Roadshow Top Tips

Top Tips for the CHaOS Summer Roadshow


  1. Be enthusiastic: the best thing you can teach kids is to enjoy science, so smile!
  2. No one gets it right all the time: we all do bad explanations occasionally; don’t worry, you’re learning.
  3. “I don’t know” is better than guessing. This one’s important – don’t say things that will hamper understanding later.
  4. Ask Questions: it’s the best way to gauge how well you’re being understood and kids learn better if they feel they’ve worked it out for themselves.
  5. Know when to take a break: We all need to take a rest occasionally, and even when it’s busy someone can cover your experiment.
A CHaOS demonstrator at work

If you’re new …

  • Don’t be put off that everyone seems to know each other. We’re very friendly, they probably met 5 minutes ago. We always have new demonstrators, and they quickly feel at home.
  • Know who’s on committee. These people will be more experienced and should be able to answer questions and know what’s going on.
  • Lend a hand if it’s needed, there’s nearly always some job to be done.

Camping with CHaOS


  • Sleeping bag and roll mat. (Although we do have a couple available to borrow.)
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Clothes for a range of weather conditions. Layers are great!
  • Decent shoes.
  • A water bottle


  • A torch. It gets pretty dark after sundown!
  • A power bank. Our campsites don’t normally have electricity.
  • Something for the journey. You’ll probably get a train to CHaOS, and might have to wait for us at the station, so a book could be useful.


Don't Need

  • A tent
  • Food. We provide meals and plenty of snacks through the day.
  • Smart clothes/shoes. The most formal place we might end up at is a village pub.