Crash, Bang, Squelch!

Crash, Bang, Squelch!

Crash Bang Squelch! is a day full of hands on demonstrations, robotics workshops and interactive talks held in March  as part of the Cambridge Festival.  Talks from previous years can be viewed here

Crash, Bang, Squelch! 2021

 This year Crash, Bang, Squelch! will be entirely virtual but there will still be plenty of opportunities to try some hands on science. There will be 3 different types of activities that you can take part in
  • Talks: listen to a live stream of a talk with complete with polls, quizzes, and a Q&A session (see below).
  • Scientific Stories: CHaOS demonstrators will explore scientific concepts using some of our favourite experiments. Includes a Q&A session (see below).
  • Experiment Files: Our student volunteers will guide you through experiments you can do using household objects. Booking is required

 We ask that you book a ticket ahead of the event via the links at the bottom of each section (booking is required for Experiment Files), and familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct for virtual events. Children must be accompanied by an adult when attending any online CHaOS event.

If you would like to ask a question to one of our talk speakers or scientific storytellers, please submit it through this form!


From the science of seeing to spies and seaweed, this series of short talks has something for everyone! Join CHaOS’s enthusiastic volunteers to discover some jaw-dropping science in these sessions, with a live stream of the talk and the chance to ask your questions straight to the speaker. Plus, you can try it all for yourself at home with the brand-new Experiment Files we’ve designed to accompany these talks!

Choose from seven different talks over three separate days and tune in to a live stream of the talk from our volunteers, who will then run a Q&A session in real time! There will be quizzes and polls, and an introduction from the speakers. The talks themselves will last 25 minutes, with up to 15 minutes  for the Q&A session. Click on the titles in the table below to view the live stream.

Tickets can be booked for this event by following this link, but this isn’t required and you can join us on a drop-in basis without a booking.

Saturday 27th March10:00-10:40amLoops, Boosts and Dives
Saturday 27th March2:00-2:40 pmEmperors, Spies & Seaweed
Saturday 27th March4:00-4:40pmIs the Ocean Like an Onion?
Sunday 28th March10:00-10:40amRecipes from a Star
Sunday 28th March2:00-2:40pmJourney to the Centre of the Earth!
Saturday 3rd April10:00-10:40amSight unseen
Saturday 3rd April2:00-2:40pmOperation: Escape Earth!

Scientific Stories

Our team of CHaOS demonstrators would like to share stories of exciting scientific concepts, by giving a tour of some of our favourite experiments!  Each story has its own flavour: you might see chemicals that go bang, contraptions that defy gravity, or medical facts that blow your mind!

Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes, and will showcase a range of scientific experiments that would normally be available to view in person.  There will be opportunities for audience members to interact with the speakers, either through asking questions, or taking part in real-time opinion polls and quizzes!

Saturday 27th March12:00-12:45pmMaking a Splash with ChemistryWater rockets, Mini Explosions/Fire Extinguishers, Ocean chemistry, Fruit Batteries
Sunday 28th March12:00-12:45pmThe Awesome Power of AirHot Air Balloons, Vortices, Vacuum Bazooka, Flame Tornado
Saturday 3rd April12:00-12:45pmFrom Branches to Bones: The Biology of LifeBugs, Leaf Disc, Organ Vest, Boris

Tickets can be booked here and the live stream will be available here.

Experiment Files

11:00am-12:00pm on Saturday 27th March
3:00pm-4:00pm on Saturday 27th March
11:00am-12:00pm on Sunday 28th March
3:00pm-4:00pm on Sunday 28th March
11:00am-12:00pm on Saturday 3rd April
3:00pm-4:00pm on Saturday 3rd April

Ever wondered how to use ketchup to clean coppers, make mini explosions, or create your own sunset? CHaOS’s interactive Experiment File Workshops are here to show you how! Complete two weird and wonderful experiments in real time along with our friendly student volunteers, learning loads of cool science along the way!

These workshops will take place over Zoom. You will be allocated a virtual room, where our student volunteers will guide you through two different experiments per session that you can do at home with household objects. In each room a different pair of experiments will be demonstrated – see the below description for which pairs you can choose from. Please note that you will need to provide your own materials for the experiments, but these are all widely available. Details of the required materials will be sent out after booking a ticket, but these can also be found by viewing the relevant Experiment File – follow the link below!

Each session will cover two files – upon booking, we will ask you which experiments you would like to do. These pairings are random! Choose from:

  • Oil and Pyrex & Cornflour
  • Red Cabbage & Celery Food Colouring
  • Sunset Model & Hearing High Sounds
  • Mini Explosions & Cleaning Coppers

For details on the experiments, check out our Experiment Files here!

Our experiment files are available on demand, but our Workshops are at specific times!

Booking is required for the event.  When booking your ticket, ensure you use the same email address you intend to use to join the Zoom meeting! Tickets can be booked here.