When can CHaOS visit schools?

For the last few years, we have spent 3 weeks in late June/July visiting schools all over the country as part of our Summer Roadshow. We are also sometimes able to run events for schools in the Cambridgeshire area during the early part of December, and sometimes at Easter.

Our demonstrators are (almost) all students at the University of Cambridge, so we are generally unable to run events during university term time. (In most years this falls roughly in early October- early December, mid January - mid March and the end of April to mid June).

Sadly, we are not able to visit schools during National Science Week, since we run a large event at the Cambridge Science Festival at that time.

We would love to hear from schools that would like to host a visit from us. Please feel free to contact us if you might be interested, or would like more specific information, or fill in our visit request form.

Our reports on our previous Summer Roadshows are good sources of information about the sort of activities that we run in our events.

Months University Term CHaOS school visit available?
January, February Lent term No, sorry (volunteers are in lectures etc)
March End of Lent term No, sorry (we run a large event at the Cambridge Science Festival)
April Easter Holidays Occasionally Cambridgeshire schools (though many volunteers will be preparing for exams at home)
May, early/mid June Easter term No, sorry (volunteers have exams)
Late June/ July Summer Holidays Yes! Schools around the country
August Summer Holidays Most UK schools closed...
September Summer Holidays Possibly, but probably only Cambridgeshire schools
October, November Michaelmas term No, sorry (volunteers are in lectures etc)
(Early) December Christmas Holidays Yes! Schools in Cambridgeshire

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