What do schools think of us?

CHaOS has been involved in running schools visits for over 10 years. In this time, we have visited many schools, reaching thousands of pupils.

CHaOS has received almost universally positive feedback from the schools that we have visited. Here are a selection of comments made by teachers on our feedback questionnaires:

Did your pupils enjoy the CHaOS visit?

  • Yes - excellent! They were very enthusiastic
  • A lot!
  • Yes, all were fully engaged for the whole session.

In what ways do you think your pupils benefited from the school visit?

  • They learnt about science in small groups, so everyone was engaged.
  • Inspired them.
  • A different angle on the science they are being taught. Being stretched by someone other than their teachers.

How relevant were the experiments to the school curriculum? If you did not find them relevant, how could we improve?

  • Some of the experiments were directly linked to the curriculum, others weren't. This is a good mix as students need variation to keep them interested.
  • All relevant, interesting and motivating.

How would you rate the demonstrators' enthusiasm and clarity?

  • All of the demonstrators were fantastic. If any of them ever want teaching experience we'd be happy to accommodate.Highly! They enthused all the groups.
  • The very large majority of the students were extremely positive about them. A small number of students felt some of the demonstrators talked for a bit too long and they would have preferred to have a go at more of the expts instead.
  • Very good. Able to use scientific vocabulary well but also tailor language for less able or when pupils unfamiliar with terms.

    • Are there any ways in which you feel we could improve?
      • No.
      • Give schools choice of demos prior to visit. [Note added: CHaOS do always try to offer schools this choice, though most are happy to let us make our own selection]
      • No not at all! Keep it as it is!!
      • Perhaps fewer through in one show - happy to pay towards this.
        • Was the visit good value for money?
          • Yes
          • Very
          • Excellent

          Would you recommend us to other schools?

          • Yes - great inspiration, gives science a real 'buzz' and very cost effective!
          • Definitely.
          • Yes, it was a wholly positive experience.
          • Yes – already have.
          • Yes, because the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The presenters thoroughly engaged the students.
          • Certainly! A fantastic experience for our students - they loved it! Also, an extremely positive experience for teachers - interesting demonstrations and discussion.

          Any other comments:

          • PLEASE come back!
          • Thank you for a great morning. It was great for the children to be able to experience so much science in such a well organised and fun way.
          • You were extremely well organised which made the experience easy for teachers and technicians. A brilliant day! Thank you so much.
          • The hoover cannon as a focus for the whole group at the end was a great idea.

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