How much does a visit cost?

All of CHaOS' activities are subsidised by funding from several external sponsors. However, we don't have enough money to cover all of the activities we run, so we usually ask schools to make a contribution towards our costs.

For schools outside Cambridgeshire, in our 2015 Summer Roadshow, the standard contribution for a one day school visit is £150. This is for a whole day visit, where we can host a total of 200-300 pupils in a series of hands-on sessions (where each session hosts up to about 60 pupils).

Sometimes on the Summer Roadshow we can visit two smaller schools in the same area by coordinating "half scale" visits, where we split the Roadshow volunteers and experiments between two groups (with each hands-on session hosting up to about 30 pupils). We reduce the contribution from each school for this kind of visit, but we can only do this if there are two interested schools within a short drive of each other.

In the Cambridge area, our costs are likely to be lower, although this depends on the exact arrangements of a visit. If we don't need to cover accommodation for our volunteers (e.g. just after term ends, before they go home), costs for the transport, food and consumables are usually less than £100. We try to keep it as affordable as possible!

Please drop us an email if contributing to our costs would prevent you asking for a visit. We ask for a contribution to help make the numbers balance overall, and it is possible for us to absorb some of these costs if a school is unable to afford it, but obviously this reduces the amount of funding available for other visits (and currently, as a result of the recession, obtaining external sponsorship to cover any additional subsidies now seems to be more difficult than it was).

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