Requesting a visit

Request a visit

If you've read through the information about CHaOS schools visits and would like to request a visit in late June/July or December please fill in our school visit request form. This form is sent to the current committee, who'll get back to you as soon as possible. A cunning bit of software also allows us to easily add you to our request to our interested schools database. (This information is only used by CHaOS, and if we can't fit you in this year it allows us to send you an email next time we're planning schools visits)

The visit request form is here

Other questions, or more unusual requests

Do drop us an email if you'd like to ask us the question that isn't covered on our website. (We'll add the answer to the website if we can to make it clearer for future readers!)

If your request is for a "non-standard' CHaOS visit (such as a group of smaller schools who'd like a joint visit) you might like to get in touch with us by email first. (NB: we occasionally miss adding schools to our database this way, as we have to copy and paste your emails, so if possible we encourage schools to fill in the visit request form too).

Our general enquiries contact form is here

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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