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Thanks for showing an interest in Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS). Filling in this form will let the CHaOS committee know that your school is interested in hosting a visit from CHaOS. We make most of our school visits in late June/July, as part of our month-long summer roadshow. Usually we aim to arrange our schedule around 4-6 months in advance, although there are often some spaces available later on.

You can expect a reply from CHaOS within a couple of weeks of submitting this form (although sometimes this reply might be to say "we can't fit you in this year, but will contact you in the future if we're in your area").

CHaOS will store the details you put into this form to help us get in contact with you if we're visiting your area in the future, but we will never share your details with any other organisation, nor use them for any other purpose.

A very brief description of your school (e.g. "2-form entry primary school", "1200 pupil 11-18 secondary school"). Note that CHaOS mainly target our visits at pupils in year groups 5-8 (ages 9-13), as experience suggests that our workshops work best with these age groups.
Your name.
E-mail Address(es): Order
Your e-mail address. If possible it's better to give us an e-mail address that will get to you directly, rather than one for a school office.
Contact Info
Where is your school? CHaOS make most of our school visits (at least those outside Cambridge) as part of our summer roadshow in July, so knowing where schools are is important when we try to plan a route to fit in as many venues as possible in a month!
e.g. Street (there's no need to give us your school's name again here)
Either a direct phone number for you, or your school's phone number (optional).
If you've previously been in contact with CHaOS it's useful if you can let us know who you talked to. Partial names/vague descriptions are fine! Leave blank if this is the first time you've been in contact.
For example when you'd like CHaOS to visit, or any specific questions that you have.
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