CHaOS Summer Roadshow 2013 - Press Release

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Hands-On Science.

Below you can find our July 2013 press releases and print quality photos as well as printable posters and flyers. Click on the links to access the material.

For more information, or requests for interviews, please contact CHaOS by email ( via our webform or by phone on 07941 198994.

Printed copies of posters and flyers have been distributed to schools and other locations in the area local to each venue. If you'd like to help us out by distributing some to your local area then we'd love to hear from you (and please feel free to print one of the posters below to display in your own window!).

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General Press Release

For all of our public events

Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Public events in Redditch and Tiddington on Sat 13th / Sun 14th July, and events in Warwickshire schools between Tue 16th and Thu 18th July.


Events in Banbury and Didcot on Sat 20th / Sun 21st July.

Request Publicity Materials

If you'd like us to send you printed posters or flyers to distribute in your local area, please send us a message giving your postal address and an estimation of the number of each that you might be able to hand out. Thank you! (On the webform, please use the category "Request for Posters or Flyers").

Print Quality Photos

We have a gallery of high-resolution photos that may be downloaded.

These photos are copyright © CHaOS, and may be reproduced only for the purposes of publicising CHaOS events.

Image: Snapsnot

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The CHaOS Roadshow couldn't run without generous financial support from the following organisations:

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