Policy Documents

Constitution CHaOS is a registered student society of the University of Cambridge. Our accounts are audited by our Senior Treasurer, an independent senior member of the University. Our constitution defines the general principles according to which the organisation is run.
Health and Safety Policy How we ensure that our events (and our Summer Roadshow as a whole) are run safely.
Safeguarding Policy Details of our Safeguarding policy, including our DBS disclosure policy.
Privacy Policy Details of how we use your information for volunteers, schools and the public.
Equal opportunities policy We are committed to making our events accessible to everyone.
Public Liability Insurance We are covered by the University's public liability insurance.
Travel guidelines for demonstrators Demonstrators are often asked to make independent journeys on behalf of CHaOS, principally as part of the summer roadshow. This brief guide explains what expenses are considered reasonable. Anyone unfamiliar with the complicated array of different tickets available on the UK train system might find David's brief guide to train tickets [PDF] useful. The Man in Seat Sixty-One website has a rather more detailed guide here.