CHaOS at the Cambridge Science Festival 2011

CHaOS once again enjoyed running a series of events at this year's Science Festival, which was packed out with visitors on both of the main Saturdays. On Saturday 19th March, "Crash, Bang, Squelch!? was full to its fire capacity all day, and five spectacular talks run in the lecture theatre next door were also very well attended. The following weekend, a selection of our physics experiments were out again as part of Physics Zone at the Cavendish Laboratory, with many hundreds of people coming through the door during the day. Click here to view a copy of our report.

What is "Crash, Bang, Squelch!"?
"Crash, Bang, Squelch!" is a day of hands-on science experiments that takes place in the University of Cambridge Dept of Zoology each March, and is run by the student society Cambridge Hands-On Science - more fondly known as CHaOS. On one Saturday in March we take over the large teaching labs, filling them full of fun, interactive science experiments, each of which is demonstrated by a friendly student volunteers. The first "Crash, Bang, Squelch!" took place in 1998 and we've continued to develop the event each year. We said last year that 2010 was our busiest ever event, but this was also true this year, as we opened our doors for an extra hour to let more people in! We also ran extra talks in the lecture theatre too.

CHaOS is grateful to the following organisations for their sponsorship of our Science Festival events:
the Royal Society of Chemistry mid-Anglia branch
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and the Institute of Physics East Anglia branch
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Wesleyan Medical Sickness

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