Recipes from a Star

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Talk given at CBS 2020.
Recipes from a Star: From Puzzling Planets to Black Holes Bizarre: discover what stars are made of and how they form, and learn about some of the cool things that they can turn into or help create!

Recipes from a Star: From Puzzling Planets to Black Holes Bizarre
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Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Wed, 05/02/2020
Risk assesment checked by: 
Andrew Sellek
Date risk assesment double checked: 
Wed, 05/02/2020
Risk assesment double-checked by: 
Beatrix Huissoon
Risk Assessment: 
Demo Hazard Risk Affected Person(s) Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Pulsar Model Fairy lights inside the model Fairy lights inside model could heat up- potential fire risk All 3 3 9 Turn off fairy lights when model not in use.
In the event of a burn call first aider. In the event of fire, follow procedures in venue RA.
2 3 6
Pulsar Model Spinning model Could accidentally hit someone with the model while spinning it All 2 3 6 Carry out demonstration at safe distance from audience 1 3 3
Pulsar Model Bright lights Risk of dazzling if child looks directly into the lights Audience 2 3 6 Tell children not to look straight into the lights. Use fairy lights that are dim so this shouldn't be a big problem. 1 3 3
Potential Barrier Hill Rolling Balls Ball is rolled too hard or in an uncontrolled way and hits someone All 3 2 6 Set up ramp pointing away from audience, with something to catch the ball at the end. Use a light ball eg tennis ball. Caution volunteer to be gentle. If using elastic launcher, test during set up that ball behaviour is controlled. 2 1 2
Potential Barrier Hill Elastic Catapult Bands snapping, may ping into someone Audience Volunteers 3 1 3 Avoid over stretching bands. Use fresh bands that are not worn out, and thick enough ones that are unlikely to break. Affix band safely to ramp. 2 1 2
Pencil Leads Sharp Graphite Stabbing on sharp point Audience 2 3 6 Advise care with leads. Do not used sharpened leads. Call a first aider in the event of injury. 1 3 3
Multiple Tripping Volunteer helping stretch slinky/other may jerk backwards if object snaps, or trip over obstacle Audience Volunteers, Demonstrator 3 3 9 Use something that deforms easily (plastically) like plasticine or blu-tack or is unlikely to yield like a slinky. Perform in a clear, level, area without trip hazards or head risks. 2 3 6
Optical Depth Torch Bright torch light may be dazzling Audience 2 3 6 Use a fairly low power (eg LED) torch. Avoid pointing at audience eyes when not attenuated if possible. If someone is dazzled by lights, switch off lights and sit them down until they have recovered. Check they are ok before letting them walk around again! 1 3 3
Sound as a Messenger Thrown Objects Object being thrown rather than passed along All 4 2 8 Ask participants not to throw object. Use soft object to avoid injury. 2 1 2
Sound as a Messenger Dropped Objects Child picking up objects from floor may be in a rush (due to speed incentive) and hit head on desks Audience 4 3 12 Warn participants to be careful of the desks. In event of injury contact first aider 2 3 6
Spaghettification/Tidal Locking Magnets Trapping of fingers between magnets Audience Volunteer 3 3 9 Use only a single, fairly weak magnet, and have targets that are not permanent magnets (eg paperclips) attracted to it 2 3 6
Planet Formation Rocks Heavy rocks may cause injury to feet when dropped Demonstrator 3 3 9 Only demonstrator to carry this out. Ensure rocks are dropped clear of feet. Call first aider in case of injury 2 3 6
Universal Bedsheet Dropped Objects The balls may fall off of the sheet or cause the sheet to collapse, and cause injury to feet or present a trip hazard Demonstrator 3 3 9 Use fairly light objects that will not collapse the sheet and are less likely to hurt feet. Demonstrator should sensibly collect any dropped items. Ensure that bedsheet is safely attached. Do not roll balls too fast onto the sheet so they won't fall off 2 3 6
Centrifugal Support Water Bucket Bucket of water could be swung into someone or dropped All 3 3 9 Demonstrator to have practised swinging the bucket beforehand. Use a wrist strap so that it cannot be flung into the audience. Make sure the bucket is secured well to the rope so it cannot be flung off. Consult a first aider in event of injury. 2 3 6
Centrifugal Support Liquids & Elctricals Risk of liquids coming into contact with electricals All 3 3 9 Use a small volume of liquid that can be well-controlled. Carry out a safe distance from electricals. 2 3 6
Centrifugal Support Slip Hazards Spillages could lead to slip hazards Demonstrator 4 3 12 Practice beforehand to ensure that the bucket can be controlled as desired. Clear up spills as soon as possible if on a slippery floor, taking due care to nature of what has been spilt. Do experiments in tray or pool where possible to contain any spilled liquid and avoid it going onto the floor. Put wet floor sign down if needed. Call first aider in case of injury. 2 3 6