2020 CBS talk - sight unseen

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Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Sun, 02/02/2020
Risk assesment checked by: 
Käthe-Marie White
Date risk assesment double checked: 
Mon, 03/02/2020
Risk assesment double-checked by: 
Beatrix Huissoon
Risk Assessment: 
Demo Hazard Risk Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Mobile apps presenting a foot losing balance when showing foot for filming, falling over, injury 3 1 3 sit child before they show their foot if appropriate and get first aider in case of injury 2 1 2
filming filming an identifiable part of child 2 4 8 only start filming when the child is in position and take care not to film the face 2 2 4
Bean bag Demo Bean bag Child getting hit by a bean bag 2 2 4 Throw to the side of the child 1 2 2
Bean bag Child falling over/losing balance 2 2 4 make sure the child doesn't make themselves dizzy 1 2 2
Bean bag Slipping on beanbag 3 2 6 Don't leave beanbags lying on the floor 1 2 2
Visual Illusions Demo Dizziness Illusions causing dizziness in general audience 3 2 6 Tell audience to be aware of dizziness and look away 2 1 2
Sheep Eye Dissection
Preservative Splash of preservative in eye, on skin, or ingestion (preservative is Propylene phenoxytol 1%) slightly harmful by ingestion, may be mildly irritating to skin and eye. 2 3 6 Demonstrator to wear eye protection and to ensure that cutting does not take place close to where children are standing, especially during the first incision, when spurting is possible. Nitrile or neoprene gloves (NOT LATEX) to be worn by all who might touch the eyeballs.
Call first aider if preservative goes in eyes. Demonstrator can administer eye wash if trained and confident to do so. Wash preservative off skin with ample water.
1 3 3
Apparatus Stealing of parts esp. scalpel. 2 4 8 Two demonstrators present, one to demonstrate, the other to mainly check that children aren't trying to take things or get hold of scalpels etc, and to look after people who faint.
If equipment gets stolen, assisting demonstrator to relocate it and inform committee (especially if a scalpel has been taken).
1 3 3
Eyeball Fainting at sight of eyeball/dissecton. 2 3 6 Clearly signed and "separated" area for dissection, to keep away squeamish people. Chair nearby for light-headed-feeling people. Call a first aider in case of fainting. Before starting demonstration, tell the public to let you know if they are feeling light-headed. 1 3 3
Scalpel Risk of cuts. 4 4 16 Scalpels to be kept out of way of kids, demonstrator to be experienced and takes care. Call frst aider in the event of an injury. 1 3 3
Eyeball Minute risk of prion disease transmission from sheep eyes (currently no evidence for zoonotic transmission). 1 5 5 Ensure children are not taking eyes or handling the scalpel, as above. Effects will be too delayed to be seen. There is no known treatment for prion diseases. Spreads through ingestion so wash hands after. 1 5 5