Are you smarter than a computer?

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What does it mean to be intelligent? Can computers be intelligent? Are they more intelligent than us?
Explore some of the questions in AI, meet a few different AIs and compete and befriend them and find out the maths of how they work.

Artificial Intelligence
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This talk will require £150 exactly of kit.


We're going to investigate several topics in AI. There's a talk with it which is still TBC but here's the brief summary of some demos which I may or may not use. I'll RA some of them separately as they're intended as standalone experiments.

Electric Shock Learning - I will touch an 'electric shock generator' and then talk about learning. I haven't decided if this will be an actual Van Der Graff or I'll just test out my acting skills.

Draw Something - I'll get some people to do some drawing and compete with an AI to guess what it is. This maybe done on a tablet budget dependant.

Turing Test - We'll get the audience to use the voting devices to out the AI. Some volunteers will be able to come down and ask questions.

Rock Paper Scissors Glove - A willing volunteer will play rock paper scissors against an AI. They wear the magic glove which has several sensors on it and links via cable to an Arduino and servo. cf Rock Paper Scissors Glove

Turing Machines - we could play with this very basic model computer or binary adder or maybe not. cf mechanical calculation.

LEGO Suduko - very cool use of AI


Risk Assessment
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Tue, 11/12/2018
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Wed, 12/12/2018
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Risk Assessment: 

See also RA for Rock Paper Scissors Glove and Mechanical Calculation

Hazard Risk Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Electric Shock Pain, cardiac arrest 0 5 0 Don't get fitted with a pacemaker or hearing aids before CBS. 0 5 0
Draw Something Pen People may try and eat pen, draw inappropriate things, stabby stabby. 1 4 4 There parents will be in audience, pick sensible looking child who won't eat/stabby with pen. Close supervision. 1 3 3
Turing Test Person may feel dehumanised. 4 0 0 Reasure CHaOS volunteer through bounce 5 0 0
This experiment contains mains electrical parts, see separate risk assessment.