Crash, Bang, Squelch! Saturday 13th March 2010

On Saturday 13th March 2010 CHaOS will take over the zoology labs of the University of Cambridge for a day for Crash, Bang, Squelch!, inviting in over 2000 visitors to see lots of exciting hands-on experiments from all areas of science.

To add to the fun, in the lecture theatre next door, there will be a series of talks, with some high powered experiments that can't be done in the hands on lab! See below for more details.

Picture of Crash, Bang, Squelch! 2009
The event is open from 10am-4pm, and is absolutely free. Drop in any time, there's no need to book in advance, although in busy periods timed tickets may by issued for later in the day (we might run out of tickets before the end of the day, so get here early to avoid disappointment).

The venue is fully accessible to those with mobility difficulties, and there are toilets on site. See here for a map of the location.

Map of New Museums Site

Talk timetable:

  • 11am: Danger: High Voltage

    See sparks fly, and find out the true meaning of high voltage electricity, with Dave Ansell.

  • 1pm: The journey of the red blood cell : the body's circulatory system

    Ever wondered why you breathe? Ever wondered how your food gets from your
    tummy to your brain or what your heart looks like...then this talk is for you. Follow the journey of the red blood cell as it travels through the lungs, to your heart and the brain. Find out why we
    need oxygen in our candle experiment and pretend to be the heart with our blood pressure model. Finally, have a look at a real sheep's heart in our live dissection, with Claudia Worth.

  • 3pm: Hot and cold

    See both spinning flames to liquid gases, and find out how this relates extreme environments in the world around us (from the emptiness of space to the whirl of a hurricane!), with Dave Ansell

Crash, Bang, Squelch is sponsored by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation,CCF logo the Royal Society of Chemistry mid-Anglia branchRSC logo
and the Institute of Physics East Anglia branch
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