Inviting CHaOS to your town or village

CHaOS usually visit town halls, festivals and other community venues around the UK during our Summer Roadshow each July. These visits are usually on the weekends or during the first week of the school holidays. We also visit venues in Cambridgeshire at selected times throughout the year (when our student volunteers don't have lectures or exams).

We'd be delighted to hear from anyone who'd like to host a visit from CHaOS, but we'd recommend having a look through our guidelines below before contacting us via our webform or dropping us a email to

Town halls

We usually like to visit town halls that are on (or very close to) the main shopping street, so that we catch families out shopping, as well as those who we've reached through our own publicity efforts. We usually book the main hall within a building, though sometimes we use multiple smaller rooms if they're closer to the main entrance. One example of an ideal space for us is the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire (see website here), where the main hall was about 30ft x 70ft or 9m x 20m . It's handy to have some outdoor space to do experiments like messy cornflour or water rockets, but this isn't essential.

Community centres

Our guidelines for space here are similar to town halls, but if you can convince us that enough people from your community will come to our event we might be prepared to visit a venue a bit further from a busy high street.


Festivals are always great fun for us- we love to set up our experiments in marquees! We usually need a marquee something of the size of 30 ft x 60 ft (9m x 18m). Much smaller and it's a bit of a squeeze to get visitors, volunteers and experiments in! It's also useful for us to be able to camp on-site, though it can be possible for us to camp at another site nearby. One of our favourite festivals has been the Heckington Village show (website is here), which we've been back to many times!

Scout and Guide camps

We've spent time at CamJam Scout Jamboree (website is here), where both the volunteers and children had a brilliant time! We'd be keen to do this kind of camp again, but it may be difficult for us to visit any camps that take place in months other than July, though do drop us an email.

Home-education groups

We've run a number of successful events for families that are part of home education groups, such as the HESFES festival (website is here) and a group in Cambridge. The main caveat here is that it can sometimes be hard to find enough children in the same place to justify running a separate event, rather than a standard public event, but do drop us an email as we'd be keen to reach you if we can!