Links for families

There is lots of great scientific material available on the web, here's some stuff that we know of:

Cambridge Links
The Naked Scientists have lots of exciting material about the science that we see around us every day. We particularly like the Kitchen Science section, which has lots of exciting experiments that you can do at home. Naked Scientists logo
The Cambridge Science Festival is a huge annual science event, taking place in National Science and Engineering week in March. The gigantic CHaOS event Crash, Bang, Squelch! is just one small part of it! (NB: The science festival website typically only works in the run-up to the festival each year). Cambridge logo
SeeK are another student organisation, who run a great selection of exciting science and engineering workshops for primary school aged children in the Cambridge area. SeeK logo
Cambridge University Outreach Network (CUON) is a new student society in Cambridge that is trying to link together all the existing outreach activities in the Cambridge area. Their list of other outreach groups might help you find other organisations that are involved in outreach visits when CHaOS can't visit you! CUON logo

STEMNET is a government funded initiative coordinating various outreach activities available, the STEM directories provide a huge list of potential outreach initiatives available to schools. STEMNET logo
Science4Fun is a website designed to teach kids about science with interesting articles on Animals, Chemistry, Physics, Plants, Earth Science, and many more, along with Easy-To-Do Experiments. Its motive is to provide science education free of cost and free of ads to enhance interest. Science4Fun logo
Future Morph is an exciting and comprehensive guide to careers in science, from the UK Science Council. Future Morph Logo
Bang Goes the Theory was a 2009 BBC TV series with various exciting scientific experiments and articles (including larger versions of some old CHaOS favourites). BBC logo
The California Exploratorium has a collection of fascinating Science Snacks, perhaps better described as more experiments to try at home! Snacks logo
If you've got any questions about evolution, here is a nice resource from the University of California Museum of Paleontology. Evolution logo
The Why Files take a look at some of the science behind the news, from the University of Wisconsin. WhyFiles logo
Lots of suggestions for science projects to do at home are available at Science Made Simple.