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Top Ten Tips for CHaOS Demonstrators on the Summer Roadshow

by Will Benfold

So, what would we tell you to remember about being a CHaOS volunteer for the Summer Roadshow, if we could only choose 10?

  1. Decent Shoes are a must for campsites, moving boxes, school science labs, near small children.
  2. Different weathers will strike: this is England. So be prepared - bring both a coat and warm/cold clothes.
  3. Sleeping bag: is definitely a good idea for sleeping in a tent. Which you'll be doing. You might also want a camping pillow and sleeping mat [At least for the Summer Roadshow!]


  4. Be enthusiastic: the best thing you can teach kids is to enjoy science, so smile!
  5. No one gets it right all the time; we all do bad explanations occasionally, don't worry-you're learning.
  6. "I don't know" is better than guessing; this one's important- don't say things that will hamper understanding later.
  7. Ask Questions; it's the best way to gauge how well you're being understood and kids learn better if they feel they've worked it out for themselves.

    General stuff:

  8. Lend a hand if it's needed, there's nearly always some job to be done.
  9. Everyone's friendly, don't be put off that they appear to know each other: Everyone gets to CHaOS to find that everyone else appears to be know everyone; don't worry, they probably met 5 minutes ago.
  10. Know when to take a break: We all have a time when we need to take a rest, and there should always be someone to give you one whilst demonstrating, or dive in your tent on camp, it's ok.