This is the CHaOS demonstrator website, mainly intended for our student volunteers. Click here if you were looking for our main front page.

About the CHaOS committee

We'd recommend that you consider joining the CHaOS committee if you enjoy our style of fun science outreach events!

The committee usually meet about three to four times a term, and being on the committee could mean just turning up at meetings and events, but there are many different roles ranging from making experiments or content for our website, to learning how to plan and run large outreach events! (We reckon we see over 8,000 people a year- more than 4 times as many as most Cambridge May balls!)

We usually elect the key members of the committee at the AGM each October (see here for AGM minutes), but we're always keen to hear from new people throughout the year!

This year's AGM is on Saturday 13th October 2018.

Making CHaOS happen is usually a lot of fun- drop us an email if you're keen to find out more! (Check out more details below)

A typical CHaOS committee includes...

Role Involves Current committee member(s)
President/Co-presidents leading CHaOS, co-ordinating all other roles, chairing committee meetings, making sure all events happen smoothly (generally by delegation), sending a lot of e-mails Benjamin Akrill (bja32), Matthew Le Maitre (msl54)
Secretary keeping track of what needs to happen, various administrative roles, organising meetings and taking minutes Jan B Mieszczak (jbm51)
Junior Treasurer maintaining online record of accounts, overseeing financial state of CHaOS - fundraising and expenditure, producing a financial report per year, staples a lot of receipts into a book Matt Worssam (mdw47)
Safety Officer ensuring Risk Assessments are updated regularly, obtaining Public Liability Insurance, ensuring enough people are trained to be risk assess venues, submitting relevant saftey documents to places who host our events Jared Jeyaretnam (jaj55)
Child Protection Officer maintaining DBS check database, ensuring people are trained to do DBS checks, organising sessions to get volunteers DBS checked for summer tour Martha Smith (mas273)
Schools Officer maintaining database, keeping track of requests for visits, maintaining the map of visit requests Lucy Hart (ljfh2)
Training Officer co-ordinating training sessions for volunteers and committee in preparation for our main events Katherine Angell (ksa40)
Fundraising Officer finding sources of funding, co-ordinating applications for funding, organising the fundraising sub-committee, communicating with treasurer Andrew Selleck (ads79)
Evaluations Officer designing feedback questionnaires, analysing feedback data, co-ordinating evaluations for sponsors Joanna Tumelty (jt574)
Publicity Officer produces publicity material (posters, flyers, press releases), distributing publicity material, producing annual reports of the Roadshow and other events, looking after CHaOS' web presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Laura Wells (lbw28)
CBS Coordinator organises our science festival event, "Crash, Bang, Squelch!", in March, liaising with zoology and the science festival organisers Josh Garfinkel (jlg70)
Printing Officer prints many things (!) ahead of main events, arranges professional printing of materials prepared by the publicity officer Esmae Jemima Woods (ejw89)
Building Officer making sure our experiments are working fine, organising maintenance sessions, organising new experiment planning and building Tom Webster (tw432)
Webmaster(s) maintaining the CHaOS website, dealing with website issues and suggestions, trying to help other people understand and use the CHaOS website Yaron Bernstein (yb258)
Social Secretary organising committee socials - such as formals and pubmeets, organises tour re-union dinner and other social events Haydn James Lloyd (hjl43)
Subject Co-ordinators (for each subject area) maintaining and updating experiment descriptions and risk assessments for the subject experiments, making sure the subject's experiments are working and that we have relevant consumables for running the experiment, suggesting new experiments within the subject MANY!!! contact Benjamin Akrill (bja32) or Matthew Le Maitre (msl54)
General Members helping out with all the little tasks that need doing through the year, helping all committee members with their jobs contact Benjamin Akrill (bja32) or Matthew Le Maitre (msl54)

The committee is always changing! Some other roles may be available.

If you think that you'd be interested in one of these roles, or one you can suggest, do get in touch!
Email us via

You can see the current committee here.