Information relevant to demonstrators

A day in the life of a demonstrator on the CHaOS Summer Roadshow

We know that it might be hard to imagine what you've signed up for when you volunteer for the CHaOS Summer Roadshow, so we've got together a couple of "demonstrator blogs" to describe what it's like to be a demonstrator on a typical school visit.

These blogs mention some highlights of the CHaOS Summer Roadshow; lots of fun experiments, meeting kids and families, camping, BBQs and last but not least, wearing our stylish blue CHaOS T-shirts!

A day in a school, by Lia (a biologist)

CHaOS on Nunny TV

In July 2009, our visit to Grimsby Central Hall was filmed by a local community TV station "Nunny TV". Click here to see the results

Expense claims forms for volunteers

This page contains various forms that you might require as a volunteer or committee member at a CHaOS event.

Cover form for submitting CHaOS Roadshow receipts

Please submit the following form with your CHaOS Roadshow receipts. It helps the CHaOS treasurer, who has lots and lots of receipts to deal with!

Advice for demonstrating

There is no right way to demonstrate CHaOS experiments, but over time we've come up with some ideas for things that work better than others. This section has some useful hints and tips!

General Hints and Tips

Useful tips for all demonstrators, by expert demonstrator Dave Ansell.

Advice for Medic experiments

Some great suggestions on how to make the medic experiments exciting, by Kate Stretton.

New Volunteers

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