Roadshow 2012 Volunteer Feedback Questionnaire

Thank you for helping out with the CHaOS Summer Roadshow 2012. The CHaOS committee would like to know what you thought of the experience so that we can improve the roadshow for future years. Your response to this form will be anonymous unless you choose to give us your email address at the end.
(if you can't see the form below then you will need to log out of the website, to ensure that your submission is anonymous).

Was this your first CHaOS event?
Have you demonstrated at a CHaOS event other than Crash, Bang, Squelch! (in March each year) before?
Have you done any other science outreach before?
Did you enjoy the roadshow?
Would you do another CHaOS event?
Would you be interested in helping to run CHaOS events next year?

Select as many as appropriate.

Note that if you answer this question then you might not be very anonymous...

(Held on Sat 16th, Tues 19th and Thurs 21st June).

(Did the session make you feel more prepared or confident? Would you have liked to cover anything else?)

Did we give you enough information before you joined the roadshow
Would you have liked more training before the roadshow?
Were you satisfied with the travel arrangements for joining/leaving the roadshow?
Were you happy with the travel arrangements during the roadshow?
Were the facilities at campsites ok?
Were you happy with the allocation of tents?
Other snacks?
Was it clear to you how to use the experiment(s) you were given?
At the start of events, did you feel you knew enough about the experiments to explain them to the public?
Was the written description of your experiments adequate?

Note that if you answer this question then you might not be very anonymous...