Cambridge Science Festival - Adults only evening

This year, the science festival is branching out and organising a hands-on event for grownups. It's a joint event CHaOS will be organising along with the Cambridge Science Centre team. The evening will be for adults only and there'll be some talks, a glass of wine for members of the public*, and a selection of hands-on demos provided by the Science Centre and CHaOS. Which is, of course, where you come in.

We'll need about 15 CHaOS demonstrators to chat with the adults who're there on the day... we're pretty excited about this event and we expect we'll probably have more volunteers than can be accomodated, in which case we'll be selecting for people with some CHaOS experience and maybe by subject interest**.

* Not for demonstrators on duty, sorry... but there is a plan to have a thankyou party later.

** We haven't decided which experiments we'll be using yet, but selection will be based on what's suitable for adults (most of it), what's suitable for the space (not messy things), and what's not going to steal anyone else's punchline (we don't want to duplicate the science centre exhibits or any of the talks), so whereas we'd normally pick experiments around which demonstrators we've got, this time we may have to pick demonstrators for experiments.

What subject(s) are you interested in?

Please check all that apply

Are you a student/alumnus/employee of Cambridge University or one of the associated research institutes?

Because we're a student society, if you're not affiliated with the university then we'll need to do a small amount of admin to make sure you're covered by the society's public liability insurance so it's important we know if this is necessary.

Are you an undergrad (at what stage), a graduate, postgrad student or PhD?

What is your current/most recent course of study (NatSci, engineering PhD, medicine...)?

What are your favourite experiments (we'll be in the Pitt building, which is basically a conference centre, so anything messy is off the list).