CHaOS volunteers wanted in Michaelmas 2010!

If you're already a student at Cambridge, or will be coming up as a fresher in Michaelmas 2010,
getting involved in making CHaOS happen might be great for you!

You can get involved as a demonstrator:
- you get to play with noisy, messy, fun experiments!
- we visit local schools at the end of most Michaelmas terms
- we run a huge event ("Crash, Bang, Squelch!") during Science week in March
- we run a month long tour of schools and town halls each July (the "Roadshow")

You can also get involved as a member of the committee:
- making new experiments! (and helping to fix the old ones too!)
- helping us plan and advertise our events (we see more people than about 4/5 May balls!)
- running the events on the day

CBS indoor experiments

We'll be at the Fresher's fair in October, but do have a look around our website or drop us an email to
(If you're a Cambridge university student, you can sign up for the CHaOS email list (Soc-chaos-interested) at the mailman system. Log in via Raven and search for 'Soc-chaos-interested' then click 'subscribe')

Hope to see you at a CHaOS event soon!