You can be an engineer, too: Building the world around you

Public summary: 

What is engineering? And how can you become one? Come find out, and hopefully build something with CHaOSes very own 3D printer!

Useful information
Kit List: 

3D printer
Laptop with Repetier Software
USB cable
wireless widgets (?)
Powerpoint slides and videos

Packing Away: 

All personal equipment so will take home - bin any failed prints


The aim of this talk is to give kids a very rough idea of what engineering is.
Hopefully will dispel the common views that engineers are mechanics/electricians/boiler repairers.
Will talk about how engineers have shaped the world, and how they continue to do so.
Will use a 3D printer to talk about how we come up with novel ways of making things - will select a couple of kids at the start and print the first letter of their name in 3D perhaps?
Might also jury rig some wireless widgets that buzz flash based on radio signals to talk about how engineers can connect people all around the world.
Will make use of various short video clips (steam trains - rockets - computing)
Details will be fleshed out more leading up to event!

Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Thu, 31/01/2019
Risk assesment checked by: 
Date risk assesment double checked: 
Tue, 05/02/2019
Risk assesment double-checked by: 
Risk Assessment: 
Description Laptops with Repetier Software installed
Hazard Risk Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Power cables Trip hazard. 5 2 10 Ensure wires are either taped securely to surfaces, or are placed behind tables, so no one walking past will catch themselves on the wires. In case of an accident, turn off power at the mains, do not touch any other components, such as the laptop or its battery. Call first aider. 1 2 2
Electrical components See electrical hazard RA. 2 3 6 All laptop chargers will be PAT checked for safety and will be kept out of reach of children. See electrical parts RA. 1 2 2
Description RepRep 3D printer (prusa i3 - sort of) with large reel of PLA stored overhead. Comes with USB and power cable
Hazard Risk Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Mains Power Supply and Wiring Electric Shock if touched 2 5 10 Children will not be allowed to touch the 3D printer. All mains voltage parts will be covered with insulating material to prevent shock even in the case of a child touching the printer. All cables will be clipped to the case to prevent children tugging on them and exposing wires. Machine can also be plugged in via RCD to reduce likelihood of injury in case of acciental contact with live wires 1 4 4
Hot Extruder Hot End of extruder exceeds 200C - would burn if touched - filament also hot immediately after extrusion 2 3 6 Children will not be allowed to touch the 3D printer. Large sign with "Warning: Very Hot - Do not touch" placed on printer. If burn does happen - seek first aid immediately 1 3 3
Exposed motors, pullys, lead screws Snagging of hair, fingers etc. 2 3 6 Children will not be allowed to touch the 3D printer. All visitors will be made aware of the risk and asked to ensure any dangling objects on their person are kept out of the way. Immediately kill power if anything is caught in motors. Call a first aider if required, though risk here is minimal. 1 3 3
Cables Trips and/or pulling printer and plastic on top of someone 5 3 15 All cables to be kept to a minimum length and cable tied and taped as necesary. If power cable nust cross floor, ensure it is taped down. If a trip does happen, remove power immediately 1 3 3
Description Wireless widgets (design tbd but likely 434MHz with LED/Buzzer)
Hazard Risk Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Small parts choking hazard 2 4 8 Do not give widgets to small children. Make parents aware of risk. Design will likely include fairly bulk caseworks so devices are quite hard to fit in your mouth. Call first aider if this happens nonetheless. 1 4 4
Multiple devices handed out Children walk out with devices 5 2 10 Remind parents that devices are to be handed back. Keep track of how many devices are handed out. Ask for handback at end of talk and keep count. Have someone at door at end of talk to catch anyone who still has a device. 2 2 4
This experiment contains mains electrical parts, see separate risk assessment.