CBS Yellowstone

Public summary: 

CBS talk on Yellowstone plume. Half geophys. Half magma. See google drive for PP

Useful information
Kit List: 

Lego seismometer


CBS talk

Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Mon, 28/01/2019
Risk assesment checked by: 
Date risk assesment double checked: 
Tue, 05/02/2019
Risk assesment double-checked by: 
Grace Exley
Risk Assessment: 
Hazard Risk Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Electric Shock from seismometer Pain, cardiac arrest 2 5 10 Don't get fitted with a pacemaker or hearing aids before CBS. Ensure nobody with any of these is allowed to touch the seismometer (remain in seats, presenters only). 1 5 5
Stamping volunteers for seismometer Tripping during walk to stage/whilst stamping 2 3 6 There will be parent in audience. Pick sensible looking child and encourage walking to stage. Remove any trip hazards from the path to the stage/the stage and call a first aider in the event of an accident. 1 2 2
Videos of big explosive volcanoes Psychological effects, trauma and fear. 2 1 2 Warn audience at start of talk, inform parents of the best way to leave should they need to take out a distressed child. 1 1 1

See also RA for Seismometer (under construction)