Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Public summary: 

Investigate the power of pressure, lift heavy objects and move things at a difference.

Useful information
Kit List: 

We have lots of syringes and tubing plus a lego hydraulics set.

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Hydraulics and Pneumatics are pretty cool. We should have an experiment on them and I've got some bits.
The main difference is the use of a fluid (hydraulics) vs air (pneumatics), I'll sort of just use them interchangeably as it's up to you if you put in water or not. The reasons are to do with compressability of various fluids and effficency and stuff.

Volume Conservation
This is a set of syringes connected as a pair or a three. You can press various bits and see the volume inside the system remains constant. This explains how we can use hydraulics.

Hydraulic Hand
This uses hydraulics to bend the fingers. Here the fingers bend back using elastic, which is different to our fingers. Uses like this are relevant to robotics.

Hydraulic Scissor lift
This is a scissor lift, you'd be able to use an air compressor to lift up heavy weights on one of these in a factory.

Other ideas
I'd really like to try and lift a person using hydraulics, You can get cheap ones from car jacks however they don't lift very high (maybe like 15cm) which isn't that impressive. Maybe we can get some others from a scrap yard but it may be hard to convert them to people power?
It'd also be cool to copy mech advantage but with hydraulics to show how we can lift heavy things using bigger cylinders.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment: 

As a thought experiment currently it's risk free!