Bubble Guns

Public summary: 

Magical bubbles!!!

Useful information
Kit List: 

Bubble Gun (don't keep mix in here)
Bubble Mix holder (don't throw away)
Bubble Mix (buy or make and transfer to gun holder)

Packing Away: 

Lives in a small grey box of floating experiments.

Frequency of use: 

This experiment is designed to be a quick but attention grabbing experiment for drawing in crowds. There's currently little science involved but it can be linked to other bubble experiments.
Firstly ask people what a bubble is? There are lots of things that might be said, however bubbles are a film of water with soap molecules on either side.
The hydrophilic head of soap faces into the water and hydrophobic towards air.
Whats inside a bubble? In this case air, but can we get other fillings? Co2 bubbles in drinks.
What shape is a bubble? Sphere, are they always? What if bubbles meet, you can see this and there's square faces. If they're differently sized then the small one bulges into the big one.
Why do bubbles pop? Other than being poked or hitting the floor, do they pop? Try keeping them up by fanning them. Bubbles can also pop through evaporation of the water film.
What colour are bubbles? Light reflects on the film, thickness of the water layer affects colour. You can also see reflections in them.

Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Mon, 03/02/2020
Risk assesment checked by: 
Date risk assesment double checked: 
Mon, 03/02/2020
Risk assesment double-checked by: 
Beatrix Huissoon
Risk Assessment: 
Hazard Risk Affected Person(s) Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Bubble mixture Spillage of bubble liquid is slippery. All 4 3 12 Clean up spills, keep lid on any storage containers and stick to small volume storable in the gun. Don't shoot at the floor. Mop up spills and sign area if necessary. In case of injury, call first aider. 2 3 6
Bubbles Bubbles can be irritating to eyes. Public 4 2 8 Don't shoot close to people’s faces, people pop with hands not face. Eye wash procedure (call qualified first aider) in the event of contact with eyes. 2 2 4
Bubble gun Children may mess with gun: playing with the gun, hitting one another etc. Public 3 3 9 Keep gun with demonstrator unless confident children will be sensible (maybe OK with older, sensible children). First aider to be summoned in the event of an accident. 2 3 6