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Often you may have to demonstrate an experiment with which you have no knowledge about, there are lots of ways to use the experiments to talk about science and experiments without complete knowledge.

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Most experiments work well but these are good:
Slug Bubbles
Animal Skulls
Most engineering
Hand Models


So you've been asked to demonstrate something to balence subjects, cover someone's lunch or fancy a change. Even if you Don't know anything about the experiment there's still ways to make it a fun demo.
One of the main things you can talk about is the hypothesis and testing of that hypothesis. Ask them what they think will happen and be prepared to provoke and play devil's advocate. Especially if you start with simple things they'll be able to give you evidence to support.
E. G. Slug Bubbles what will happen to the untopped tube of water when the bottom is removed. It'll fall due to gravity, like other things they've seen fall.
Try and get discussion flowing and a balence of opinions, emphasis how we can decide which hypothesis is correct and try and test this. You can also talk about cases when it is impossible to test via experiment as it's really difficult. If you test try and reconcile people's intuitions what went off, phrehaps the factor they talked about isn't as significant.
What ways can we have other than experiments? dissection, theoretical models,
If you have an experiment where it's easy to vary things and test them get them to do this, or come up with ideas of what to test and how.

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