** How to Busk **

Public summary: 

Taking experiments out of the venue to convince passersby to turn up.

Recruiting passersby by experiments.
Useful information
Kit List: 

Selected Bounce
Floaty Experiment
These work well:
Prism Goggles
Oven Shelf
Ear Switching Hat
Mould Effect (Short Chain)
Non Transitive Dice (with a table)


Busking is a CHaOS activity slightly unlike any other, instead of aiming to teach people Science you're aiming to street sell them an oppurtuninty to be taught science.
You need to think about where you're busking, too far away from the venue and you'll struggle to convince them to go out of their way and also think about why people are walking past. While a railway station will give you a high footfall most people are rushing for trains. Ideal places are markets, libraries and city centre shops (where people might go to browse).
You want to grab peoples attention and tell them something about the science, get them to have a go and touch if possible. You're really aiming to get them to move on to the venue so don't dive into heavy science. Emphasis on that it's free parents may be worried you're trying to sell them things. You can also tell them how it can be only 5 minuites (once they're in the venue they'll hopefully be kept through other means)
It's fine to send non-committee out to do this too, if the venue is really empty setting out experiments that take up lots of space and fill out the empty space and get people outside bringing people in. Due to the limited amount of science you need to say send people out with whatever they're comfortable with.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment: 

There are some additional risks to busking an experiment.
Blocking rights of way
Weather - sudden rain while away from venue
Fatigue - prolonged carrying
Police - breach of street trading regs (we're not selling but they may not know that)