** CHaOS without words **

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Advice for how to demonstrate experiments without speaking, this may be for children who aren't fluent in English, have special educational requirements or various other reasons.

Guide to demonstrating via gestures
Useful information
Kit List: 

You'll need to pick another experiment in conjunction with this (and sign it's RA). Recommendations that work well:
Mini Explosions
Animal Cognition
Arch Bridge
Cantilever Bridge
Spinny Chair
(Any experiment that has lots of touch, feel elements and less talking explination)


Firstly you should talk to the teacher/parents before starting to check exactly what the requirements of the group are. They should be able to say if you'll be restricted to simple English, can use a translator or even if they're deaf and you can't use words. This may often be done once by the floater who'll inform groups and try and move them to appropriate experiments. In schools this information is often available in advance and can be discussed in the venue briefing.
The group may have a mixture in which case make sure you're sufficient for the lowest ability but you can add in simple words for everyone else's benefit.
The main keys are lots of doing and touching. You might have to complete the actions and gesture for them to copy you,
You'll also want to think about what words are key to the experiment, with limited English momentum may not be productive to mention as they won't understand what it means.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment: