Feathered Dinosaurs: Fluff, Flirting and Flight

To understand the functionality of feathers in dinosaurs
Useful information
Kit List: 

Geological Timeline Scarf (being made at present)
Sedgwick Museum Dinosaur Replica Bones / Fossils
Dress Up Clothes - Feathered Headband, Fluffy Waistcoat, Fake Feathered Wings
Plushie toy dinosaurs


To be completed when talk is fully written.

Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Sun, 14/02/2016
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Date risk assesment double checked: 
Mon, 15/02/2016
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Risk Assessment: 
Experiment Geological TimeLine Scarf Dinosaur Dress-Up Fossils and Replica Dinosaur Bones Colouration of Dinosaurs
Description A ~30m scarf, colour-coded with each geological period.
To covey sheer size of geological time, how long humans have existed for and dinosaurs.

Audience volunteers unroll the scarf, stopping at key stages in geological history.

Audience Volunteers don different items of clothing to ascertain how feathers can have more than just one purpose: flight.

Clothing includes:
Furry waistcoat
Feather headband / tiara
Feather boa
Fake Strap on Wings

For the use of demonstrator. Placed under the projector to display to the audience. Use of plushie dinosaurs as a visual aid
  • Tripping hazard
  • Strangulation Hazard
  • Allergic to cloth material or feathers
  • Tripping on feather boa
  • Possible choke hazard of feathers to small children
  • Dropping of fossils on feet
  • Falling on the floor and being a tripping hazard.
  • Action To Be Taken To Minimise Risks
  • Keep scarf off the floor to prevent tripping
  • Encourage volunteers not to unwind scarf too fast
  • Ensure scarf unwinding does not occur where there are electrical wires along the floor
  • Ensure that the scarf is kept at waist height
  • Ensure clothing is non allergenic (e.g. cotton), other than the feathers.
  • Advise audience members that are allergic to feathers not to participate.
  • Ensure feathers do not reach small children
  • Fossils to only be held in two hands by presenter.
  • Keep fossils at the centre of the projector
  • Ensure that soft toys are not on the edge of the table.
    If they fall, pick them up promptly.
  • Action To Be Taken In The Event Of An Accident
  • Call a first aider in the event of injury
  • (In case of allergic reaction) Remove clothing from child.
    Call a first aider in the event of reaction or injury
  • Call a first aider in event of injury
  • Call first aider in event of injury
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