2015 Pre-Roadshow Volunteer Survey

This survey is anonymous and designed to find out about your attitudes and experience of science outreach. We hope that this will help us to secure more funding for future Roadshows and also improve the way we run the Roadshow. Thank you for volunteering with CHaOS and we hope that you enjoy your time on tour! (if you can't see the form below then you will need to log out of the website, to ensure that your submission is anonymous).

Thank you
The CHaOS Committee 2014-15

Whilst a bit random, this will allow us to compare your before and after tour answers whilst keeping the survey anonymous.

Again, this will allow us to compare your pre- and post- tour survey responses whilst keeping the survey anonymous.

Will the Summer Roadshow be your first CHaOS event?
Have you demonstrated at Crash, Bang, Squelch! (in March) before?
Have you demonstrated on Winter Tour (at the end of Michaelmas)?
Have you demonstrated on previous Summer Roadshows?
Have you demonstrated at other small scale CHaOS events?
Have you done any other science outreach before?
Want to get children more interested in the world around them and how it works
Want to improve communication skills
Enjoy teaching activities/working with children/young people
To improve my CV
Hope to go into a science communication or teaching career
A friend said that it would be fun
Seemed like a fun way to spend part of the summer
Want to inspire young people to study science

Rank the options relevant to you in order of importance, lowest = least importance.

Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon't know
I want a career in science communication
I am considering a career in science communication
I am considering a career in teaching
I would like my job to include some element of science communication
I don't plan to get a job which involves science or science communication
I haven't really thought about jobs yet

Please indicate how much you agree with the statements above

Grasp important scientific concepts
Viewing science as fun, rather than boring
A break from normal teachers
A fun lesson
Inspired to study science (for A-level or at university)
Smaller groups than normal in the classroom
Benefiting from using specialist equipment/experiments
Hands-on demonstrations are more engaging

Rank the potential benefits in order of likelihood to result from a CHaOS visit. Lowest = least likely to occur (0 if you don't think that they will happen at all)

Do you have anything else you wish to tell us about your attitudes to teaching, science communication and or CHaOS before you go on tour?