Global warming and ozone layer

Explaining some of the key fetures of todays climate.

Betsy and I are trying to work out how to explain these important (and different) concepts. Incidentally, it might also helpus with funding if we have an environmental focus.

So, for global warming:

How about a light shining on two beakers with thermometers in them, with one of them in a plastic bag? Thinking about it, we could try darker plastic bags to show why people thought there might be global cooling, too.

Ozone layer:

A bit more tricky. It would be great to get some sort of idea across about the catalytic nature of ozone depletion.
Also to explain what the bad effects of ozone are, eg. on skin, frogs, plastics etc. Perhaps some model of how DNA gets broken by free UV radiation...

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment: 

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