A model orrery

Risk Assessment
Date risk assesment last checked: 
Wed, 05/02/2020
Risk assesment checked by: 
Grace Exley
Date risk assesment double checked: 
Wed, 05/02/2020
Risk assesment double-checked by: 
Beatrix Huissoon
Risk Assessment: 

An orrery (model solar system), may be incorporated into part of another experiment:

Hazard Risk Affected Person(s) Likelihood Severity Overall Mitigation Likelihood Severity Overall
Small parts Model breaking leaving possible swallowable parts or sharp edges – potential for cuts or ingestion. Public 3 3 9 Before demonstration demonstrator should check that all of model secure and working properly and should ensure that during use it is not manhandled.
Call first aider in case of injury
2 3 6
Model itself Trip hazard if left on the floor All 4 3 12 Always try and place it on the table. Never leave it on the floor unaccompanied.
Call first aider in the event of an accident.
2 3 6