Water, Oil, and Ice

Watching coloured ice melt and sink through castor oil.
Useful information
Kit List: 

Plastic measuring cylinder
Dyed ice cubes
Castor oil


A measuring cylinder filled half with castor oil, half with water, with blue ice cubes floating on the top. The ice melts and the blue water drifts down through the castor oil to sit on
the meniscus.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment: 
DESCRIPTION Watching coloured ice melt and sink through castor oil.
RISKS 1) Children may try to eat ice cubes (choking hazard) or drink water/oil.
2) Water from experiment may come into contact with electrical parts.
ACTION TO BE TAKEN TO MINIMISE RISKS 1) Explain to children that they must not eat/drink anything used in any experiment.
Watch small children, and don't let them handle the ice.
2) Set up experiment away from experiments using electrical parts. If any electrical parts are nearby, place them above the cylinder filled with water.
ACTION TO BE TAKEN IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT Call first aider in case of injury.