Demonstrator training June 2014

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What are the training and briefing sessions?

Come along to a CHaOS demonstrator training session to find out:
- about CHaOS
- some general science communication tips
- how to get people interested in your experiments
- how to explain science to different age groups
- how to demonstrate some of our favourite experiments

The briefing sessions will be more specifically about how summer tour works, aimed at those who have demonstrated with us before or are familiar with CHaOS.

If you have demonstrated before, but would like some further training, we are hoping to run an advanced session 6:30 - 8pm on Thursday 12th June - you can sign up specifically for this session below in the training section.

**You do not need to attend both a training and briefing session, only whichever is appropriate for you. If you have volunteered on the summer roadshow before, you don't need to attend either type of session.**


Please sign up with all the times that you could make so we can even out the numbers- if you have a preference for one slot please say so in the comments box, and we'll try our best to make everyone happy!

If you have any questions, feel free to email