CHaOS Winter Roadshow 2013

CHaOS is running its Winter Roadshow (affectionately known as Mini-tour) this year from Thursday 5th December to Tuesday 10th December. During mini-tour, we will visit 6 Cambridgeshire schools and public events with our range of interactive experiments to get children and families interested in science. Mini-tour is a series of day trips - no camping involved - and you can apply for as many days as you like, whether that is just one, or all six days! It is a great way to get involved in CHaOS, meet new people, and have a bit more fun at the end of term.

As ever, we need plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to demonstrate our experiments to the public. No experience is needed - each experiment comes with a helpful description with ideas of what to talk about. The experiments range from building bridges and explaining how some things glow in the dark to looking at creepy crawlies and introducing children to Boris the CHaOS skeleton.

Sign-up is now open, so if you'd like to volunteer, head to the form at