General Hints and Tips for Demonstrating

by Dave Ansell

Here are some things to think about when demonstrating that we have come across. None of them work all the time but they are worth thinking about.

  • Enthusiasm and Attention - The most important thing is to be enthusiastic, it is amazing what kids will be interested in if someone is being enthusiastic and paying attention to them. So make eye contact and bounce ;)
  • Jargon - It may be difficult, but try and avoid using Jargon where possible, and try to to avoid using complex abstract concepts.
  • Examples - Try and thing of examples that kids will associate with - it is great if you can explain something they have vaguely wondered about for years
  • Sit Down - This may sound silly, but get everyone to sit down, if possible on the floor - this means that you are on a level with the kids - and for some strange reason kids are much better behaved if they are sitting down. (see below!)
  • Adults - Explaining stuff to them is important too, it means that as well as getting them to understand something which is good - if their kids ever ask them a question about it - they can explain it to them - which means the kid gets something explained, when they are ready to learn, and the parent gets to explain something which gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Especially with the younger kids, I find that I'm explaining something to the parents via the kids, which is great.