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Demonstrator training event with Elin Roberts

Submissions for this form are closed.

Signups are now closed for the demonstrator training event, if you've signed up you'll get an e-mail soon confirming whether/when you've been assigned a place.

We're delighted to have been awarded some funding this year to provide external training for demonstrators, and have invited Elin Roberts (of the excellent Centre For Life in Newcastle) to visit us and run a few training sessions.

The sessions will be suitable for new demonstrators with no experience of science outreach, and we hope will help those of you coming on tour for the first time this summer to get off to a confident and effective start...

... but we'd like to encourage even those of you who've been involved with CHaOS already to come along too (the committee are already signing up). This should be a great opportunity both to pick up some new ideas for demonstrating and to get to know some of the people who will be on this year's summer roadshow.

The training sessions are open to anyone who's signed up for this summer's roadshow, and to anyone who has taken part in CHaOS events in the past... in case of oversubscription, we'll be giving first priority to new demonstrators who have signed up for the roadshow, and then to everyone else on a first-come, first-served basis.

The sessions will be over the weekend of 18th/19th June (the weekend of "Suicide Sunday", in two out of three of the slots "Saturday morning", "Saturday afternoon" and "Sunday morning". Please sign up, ordering your preference for the three sessions, and we'll try to select the sessions to suit as many people as possible.