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An overview of the CHaOS Summer Roadshow (for volunteers)

Pictures of the CHaOS Summer Roadshow

CHaOS is a student society that runs fun science events outside term time, both in Cambridge and further afield. Each year we run a 1-2 month long science roadshow with our favourite experiments, visiting schools and town halls around the country during July and August. We need keen volunteers to demonstrate these experiments to children and families. If you like explaining science to the public, and enjoy camping and BBQs, the CHaOS Roadshow could be for you! CHaOS will cover your travel and living expenses, so volunteering will only cost your time!

We release a sign up form for the Summer Roadshow just before Easter term each year (usually during the Easter vacation). If you sign up to our mailing list (instructions are here) you'll get an email telling you when the signup form is available. The 2018 sign up form is here.

How does the roadshow work?
We take a mini bus of volunteers and a van full of experiments camping around the country during summer, visiting schools, town halls and jamborees. We take the best of the CHaOS hands on experiments (including many that were at Crash, Bang, Squelch during the Cambridge Science Festival), and demonstrate them to children who wouldn't usually get to have-a-go a science for themselves. We also have a lot of fun on the way!

The roadshow is split into school events, which happen in primary and secondary schools (where we see kids aged 8-13), and public events, where we see families. The typical pattern of the roadshow is to do school visits during the week and public events on the weekends, with scout jamborees after the school term has finished.

You can find out more about the Summer Roadshow by:
1) looking at what we did in previous years (with plenty of photos) in our shiny roadshow reports here
2) reading our "demonstrator diary" page here
3) checking out our top ten roadshow survival tips here
4) checking our our handy pre-roadshow volunteer leaflet here

What would I do?
You'd get to talk to lots of children and families, while playing with fun/noisy/messy science experiments (which you can read about here). We'll show you how these work before letting you have a go for yourself in schools and town halls. You'll also get to wear one of the stylish blue CHaOS t-shirts that you can see in the pictures! In the evening we do sociable stuff, such as bbqs at the beach or our campsite. It's great fun, great for the experience in engaging the public/your CV, and much better than a week of real work!

How much will it cost me?
Coming on the CHaOS Summer Roadshow shouldn't cost you any more than your time - our sponsorship covers costs such as train tickets to come and join tour, then get back home, food and camping.

When is the Summer Roadshow?
The Summer Roadshow usually starts from around the first Monday in July. This start date is always the week after graduation, so is just over one week after most undergrads have gone home.

How long can I come on the Summer Roadshow for?
Most people come on the roadshow with us for one or two weeks. Some people do more or less than this though - we'll be as flexible as we can if you drop us an email and let us know. Most changeover dates are on Mondays and Fridays, but the best guide is to try to leave/arrive at the end of the 'weeks' on the sign up form, as that is when we won't have demonstrating and most people will be changing over.

How do I get there?
If you're doing week one of the roadshow you can leave Cambridge with us in the van and minibus. If you're joining us later we usually drop people off and pick people up at the nearest train station. Once you've chosen your dates we'll let you know where you need to be when :)

What do I need to bring?
Yourself, some enthusiasm for science, a sleeping bag and some clothes etc. The rest will be sorted! :)

Sounds great! How do I sign up?
You will need fill in our signup form, at here . If you sign up to our mailing list (instructions are here) you'll get an email telling you when the signup form is available. This form will ask for some contact info, a bit about what type of science you do, and the dates you'd like to do. There's a box at the end where you can ask us questions, or tell us about when you're available. We need all volunteers to fill in a form for a DBS check, so we'd be keen to hear from you as soon as you know you'd like to come, even if you're not certain about which dates you can do.

Any more questions?
If we've missed something, or you just want to find out more, do drop us an email to

Hope to see you on the roadshow!
The CHaOS committee