This is the CHaOS demonstrator website, mainly intended for our student volunteers. Click here if you were looking for our main front page.

CHaOS Demonstrator Section

Welcome to the demonstrator section of the CHaOS website. This page has a list of recent events that we've been looking for volunteers for. For events in the past, there's often a good chance that we'll be running a similar thing the following year.
  • Crash, Bang, Squelch! 2012

    Crash, Bang, Squelch! 2012 will be happening on Saturday 17th March 2012 (the first day after the end of Lent Term).

    How to sign up

    Sign up is very simple - just fill in the webform on this page!

    Update 28th February: We are now nearing capacity for the number of volunteers we can take for this year's event - please sign up as soon as possible if you're interested!

  • Cambridge Roadshow: December 2011

    *** Update: CHaOS now has so many volunteers that we can't sign up any more helpers this term- sorry! We'd love to have your help next term at "Crash, Bang, Squelch!" on Saturday 17th March 2012 though- sign up to our mailing list (instructions are here) and we'll send you an email about this next term!***

  • CHaOS AGM 2011: Saturday 15th October

    CHaOS is a student society running fun, hands-on science events for thousands of members of the public every year. It's a great chance to talk about science with members of the public of all ages (mainly children and families), both in Cambridge and outside. Almost all of our events are out of term time, so fit in well with exhausting Natsci timetables! (though we welcome scientists of all persuasions, including medics, mathematicians, engineers, vets, compscis,...). If you'd like to be involved in making this happen read more below!

  • CHaOS volunteers wanted in Michaelmas 2011!

    If you're already a student at Cambridge, or will be coming up as a fresher in Michaelmas 2011,
    getting involved in making CHaOS happen might be great for you!

    More information is also available on our "New Volunteers" page here.

    You can get involved as a demonstrator:
    - you get to play with noisy, messy, fun experiments!
    - we visit local schools at the end of most Michaelmas terms
    - we run a huge event ("Crash, Bang, Squelch!") during Science week in March
    - we run a month long tour of schools and town halls each July (the "Roadshow")

    You can also get involved as a member of the committee:
    - making new experiments! (and helping to fix the old ones too!)
    - helping us plan and advertise our events (we see more people than about 4/5 May balls!)
    - running the events on the day

    CBS indoor experiments

    We'll be at the Fresher's fair in October, but do have a look around our website or drop us an email to
    (If you're a Cambridge university student, you can sign up for the CHaOS email list (Soc-chaos-interested) at the mailman system. Log in via Raven and search for 'Soc-chaos-interested' then click 'subscribe')

    Hope to see you at a CHaOS event soon!

  • Strawberry Fair 2011: Saturday 4th June

    On Saturday 4th June 2011 CHaOS will be running a family science roadshow event at Strawberry Fair, which is held on Midsummer Common (about 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of Cambridge). We're looking for volunteers to help with our fun, hands-on experiments on the day.

    Read below to find out more (or if you already know you want to sign up, just click here.)

  • More about the CHaOS Summer Roadshow 2011

    Pictures of the CHaOS Summer Roadshow

    CHaOS is a student society that runs fun science events outside term time, both in Cambridge and further afield. We're running a month long science roadshow with our favourite experiments, visiting schools and town halls around the country for about 5 weeks during July and early August. We need keen volunteers to demonstrate these experiments to children and families. If you like explaining science to the public, and enjoy camping and BBQs, the CHaOS Roadshow could be for you! CHaOS will cover your travel and living expenses, so volunteering will only cost your time!

    Sign-up for the Summer Roadshow is now closed.

    Read more below if you want to find out few more details about how it all works!

  • Volunteer to help CHaOS at the Physics Zone on Saturday 26th March

    Find out more about helping out with fun hands-on experiments on Saturday 26th March- the event is open to the public from 1-5pm.

    If you already know that you want to sign up, click here to fill in our online signup form.

    **CHaOS need student volunteers on Saturday 26th March 2011**
    We're now recruiting volunteers for our final event in Lent term, where CHaOS takes part in the Cavendish Physics Zone (see link here), which is part of the Cambridge Science Festival. We'll be taking over an area of the Physics Dept on Saturday 26th March 2011, from 1-5pm. We'll have lots of own exciting experiments, and we'll need lots of enthusiastic student volunteers to help demonstrate them to the public. Saturday 26th March is about a week after the end of term, so we expect to mainly recruit grad students and undergrads that plan to stay through the holidays.

    **What exactly does it involve?**
    We've got lots of our favourite of hands-on experiments that we've designed to demonstrate interesting scientific principles. You might find yourself demonstrating how bridges stay up, why some things glow in the dark or even introducing children to Boris the skeleton (as part of x-rays, as that's Physics!). The ideas are simple, but with enthusiastic and interested demonstrators we can show children that science isn't a 'boring' subject.

    We'll have a Physics bias with the experiments we choose, but biologists are still more than welcome! The event is open from the public from 1-5pm, and we'd ask you to be available a bit either side of this to allow for a short briefing and set-up/ clear-up. We'll confirm nearer the day, but there's a pretty good chance you'll get a free lunch if you turn up on time!

  • More CHaOS this term: "School Hubs" with the Cambridge Science Festival!

    Are you a fan of noisy, messy fun science experiments? Want to be part of the Cambridge Science Festival? Can you spare a day or two to visit a school in the next few weeks?

    CHaOS needs some more keen science students to help demonstrate science experiments at two new school events this month on Wednesday 2nd March and Tuesday 8th March, please read below to find out more and sign up.

    If you have any questions, drop us an email to

  • Crash, Bang, Squelch! 2011

    Crash, Bang, Squelch! 2011 will be happening on Saturday 19th March 2011 (the first day after the end of Lent Term).

    *** Waiting list now in operation! (From Thursday 10th February)***

    We've had so many offers of help now that we're warning people that we may not have space for further volunteers. Once experiment allocations are confirmed for existing volunteers in the next week or so we'll finalise how many spaces remain. However, we do seem to have fewer Chemists and Physicists, so if you're prepared to demonstrate these experiments we might be able to suqeeze you in!

    How to sign up

    • If you're new to CHaOS (or don't already have an account on this website), then click here to tell us a bit about yourself, and register your interest.
    • If you're already a registered user of this website (for example because you came on the Summer Roadshow last July), then you can save a bit of time by logging in and then clicking here to tell us which sessions you're available for.

  • December mini-tour 2010

    At the end of this term, CHaOS will be visiting a selection of local schools, as well as running some experiments as part of the East Anglia Institute of Physics event in Ipswich. We're looking for volunteers for our fun, hands-on science events after the end of this term. If you're in Cambridge, and free on dates between the 5-8th December (the days just after term ends), read on to find out more!