This is the CHaOS demonstrator website, mainly intended for our student volunteers. Click here if you were looking for our main front page.

An overview of the Cambridgeshire Roadshow (for volunteers)

At the end of each Michaelmas term, in early December, CHaOS visits a selection of local schools, as well as running some experiments as part of the East Anglia Institute of Physics event in Ipswich. After the academic year begins in October we'll looking for volunteers for our fun, hands-on science events after the end of this term. If you're in Cambridge, and free on dates in the week after term ends, read on to find out more!

We release a sign up form for the Cambridgeshire Roadshow in Michaelmas term each year (so usually in mid October). This will be linked from our main demonstrator homepage, which you can find here. If you sign up to our mailing list (instructions are here) you'll get an email telling you when the signup form is available.

If you haven't volunteered with CHaOS before here's a quick summary of how these events work:
  • you sign up for 1-5 of the days on offer this term
  • we'll allocate you one or two messy/noisy/exciting science experiments to demonstrate in advance (which you can read about on our website)
  • we'll pick you up in Cambridge, to come for the day to the event.
  • you'll get to talk to children aged 8-13 for four or five sessions, and explain the science behind your experiment
  • we'll all pack up the kit at the end of the day, after having had the chance to make science fun!
  • also, we give you lunch!
Bridge building in the sun (weather not guaranteed): Photo of bridge building
A visitor to a previous IoP December event:Photo of Stephen Hawking