CHaOS at the Cherry Hinton Festival (Saturday 15th September 2012)

CHaOS at the Cherry Hinton Festival (Saturday 15th September)

For any of you not familiar with Cambridge beyond the Reality Checkpoint, Cherry Hinton's a 20 minute bus trip or 15-20 minute bike ride from the city centre. There's more general info about the festival here (, but the bit that you need to know is that we have the chance to meet lots of local kids and generally cause a bit of CHaOS in the British Legion's Hall.

The event's open from 10am -3pm, so we'll be aiming for people to turn up at 8:30-9.00am ish (the bus service from central Cambridge is very good, or it's a short bike ride out from town). There'll be lunch provided, and we should be packed up by 4:30-5.00pm. Then if people are keen we might go to the pub...

If you're available and would like to join in, there's a short sign-up form here:

There's a space on the form for requesting experiments you'd like to demonstrate, as we'll be bringing the kit out of the cupboard just for the day so should hopefully be able to more or less accommodate individual preferences... that said, suggesting a few favourites would be helpful!

Check out all our experiments here:

If you're fairly local but not actually in Cambridge (unless you're keen for an early start!) there's a good chance that some of us grads in Cambridge might be able able to put you up on the Friday night- give us a shout!)

If you have any questions just drop us an email to :)

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