Cambridge Roadshow: December 2012

At the end of this term, CHaOS will be visiting a selection of local schools, as well as running some experiments as part of the East Anglia Institute of Physics event in Ipswich. We're looking for volunteers for our fun, hands-on science events after the end of this term. If you're in Cambridge, and free on dates between the 29th November - 4th December (the days just after term ends), read on to find out more! (or if you already know you want to sign up, just click here. )
If you haven't volunteered with CHaOS before here's a quick summary of how these events work:
  • you sign up for 1-6 of the days on offer this term
  • we'll allocate you one or two messy/noisy/exciting science experiments to demonstrate in advance (which you can read about on our website)
  • we'll pick you up in Cambridge, to come for the day to the event.
  • you'll get to talk to children aged 8-13 for four or five sessions, and explain the science behind your experiment
  • we'll all pack up the kit at the end of the day, after having had the chance to make science fun!
  • also, we give you lunch!
Bridge building in the sun (weather not guaranteed): Photo of bridge building
A visitor to a previous IoP December event:Photo of Stephen Hawking If this sounds like something you'd like to get involved in you can sign up on our website via the link below. We're currently recruiting for 6 dates:
  • Thursday 29th November (Cambridgeshire school visit)
  • Friday 30th November (Cambridgeshire school visit)
  • Saturday 1st December (Public event in Thetford)
  • Sunday 2nd December (Institute of Physics run event for families, held near Ipswich)
  • Monday 3rd December (Cambridgeshire school visit)
  • Tuesday 4th December (Cambridgeshire school visit)
And last but not least to sign up click here.