Winter Roadshow - CHaOS visits to Cambridgeshire Schools in December

CHaOS visits schools in the Cambridgeshire area in early December each year- please read below and get in touch if you'd like a visit from the CHaOS Science Roadshow!

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This information is available to download as a pdf document here.
(If you’d like a visit, but you’re not in Cambridgeshire or can’t manage December, we’d still be happy to try to come to see you – but please fill in this form here instead!)

What is CHaOS?

CHaOS runs science roadshow events full of fun, hands-on science experiments in schools for children in school year 5-8 (ages 8-13). CHaOS events are run by student volunteers from the University of Cambridge, who are studying a range of science-based subjects. We believe that science is exciting and relevant for everyone, and want to spread our enthusiasm!

Microscope in school

When is the CHaOS Science Roadshow visiting schools?

The CHaOS Science Roadshow is plans to visit Cambridgeshire schools in the first week of December - just after the end of the undergraduate term, when most of our volunteers have finished their lectures and courses).

What is a roadshow event?

In a typical CHaOS roadshow event we’ll run hour-long roadshow sessions for up to about 60 pupils, staffed by 12-15 student volunteers. Pupils move between different interactive experiments, and will be guided through the activities by a friendly and knowledgeable student demonstrator. Our experiments cover topics ranging from the physics of light and sound, to various aspects of chemistry (including how water can be split into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity!) and the biology of the human body! Many of our experiments have been built by members of CHaOS over a number of years, and we're constantly trying out new experiment ideas. Each experiment typically takes 10-15 minutes, so pupils will get to try lots of new things!

We aim to match the level of explanation of each experiment to the individual group of pupils, so our roadshow events are suitable for both interested pupils and those who need a bit more stimulation! Having a go at the experiments themselves is always very popular with both pupils and teachers!

How do we run a roadshow event?

We’ll come in a van and minibus, and set up our roadshow experiments in either a school hall or a couple of adjacent classrooms. Our hands-on sessions are then scheduled to fit in with your school timetable; in a single session we’re able to accommodate around 60 pupils with their teachers, and if we run 5 sessions during a school day we’ll be able to see about 300 pupils in total. Our experiments are mainly aimed at school years 5-8, though we sometimes see more interested year 4 or year 9 pupils. Hopefully everyone will have a good time and we’ll pack up at go home at the end of the school day!

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch- we simply ask that you help towards covering our costs of hiring a van, minibus and experiment running costs. In December 2015 our costs are £85 to visit Cambridgeshire schools. If you're able to provide our volunteers with a lunch we really appreciate it!

How to request a visit from CHaOS

If you’d like to apply to host us on during the Winter Roadshow you can fill in a visit request here.
We almost always receive more requests for visits than we're able to fulfil, but we do try our best!

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