CHaOS AGM 2012: Saturday 13th October

CHaOS is a student society running fun, hands-on science events for thousands of members of the public every year. It's a great chance to talk about science with members of the public of all ages (mainly children and families), both in Cambridge and outside. Almost all of our events are out of term time, so fit in well with exhausting Natsci timetables! (though we welcome scientists of all persuasions, including medics, mathematicians, engineers, vets, compscis,...). If you'd like to be involved in making this happen read more below!


Each Michaelmas CHaOS elect a new committee to start planning the events for the rest of the year. This AGM is open to all members of the society, which in effect means anyone signed up to our mailing list!

At the AGM we'll discuss:
- Review of the last year
- Election of new committee members.
- Discussion of plans for this year

The AGM will be held at 3-5pm on Saturday 13th October in Emmanuel College (see directions below)

Come along if you'd like to become a member of the committee, or if you'd just like to find out more about how CHaOS works! There'll be free drinks and nibbles!

If you have any questions please email


Directions to the CHaOS AGM (Emmanuel College, Camden House)

Emmanuel is easy to find, and in the middle of town- enter via the porter's lodge on St Andrew's Street (

We'll sign post the room from the front court in college, but here are directions too:
Go under the arches to the right of the Chapel in Front Court, then turn right. Walk towards the library- a large brick building with a new extension that's about 20m in front of you. Walk around the back of the new library extension into the garden of a house, which is Camden House, and will have the AGM inside!


More about the committee

The committee usually meet about three times a term, and being on the committee can include just turning up at meetings and events, making experiments or content for our website, to learning how to plan and run large outreach events! (We reckon we see about 7,000 people a year- about 4 times as many as most Cambridge May balls!)

A typical CHaOS committee includes...
President (who sends emails and organises stuff)
Treasurer (who keeps track of our money)
Secretary (who organises meetings and takes the minutes)
Safety officer (makes sure all experiments have up to date risk assessments)
Fundraising officer (makes sure we have enough money coming in!)
Publicity officer (makes and sends out leaflets/posters and contacts local media)
Child protection officer (helps us fill in CRB forms for our school visits)
Webmaster (keeps all the technology working!)

Biology coordinator (keeps biology experiments up to date)
Medic coordinators (keeps medic experiments up to date)
Physics coordinator (keeps physics experiments up to date)
Chemistry coordinator (keeps chemistry experiments up to date)
Engineering coordinator (keeps engineering experiments up to date)


I can't make the AGM- how do I sign up for CHaOS?

If you're a Cambridge university student, you can sign up for the CHaOS email list (Soc-chaos-interested) at the mailman system. Log in via Raven and search for 'Soc-chaos-interested' then click 'subscribe'. If you've got any questions you can email us at